Protective Window Security Screens (Residential Safety Mesh for Windows & Doors)

Window security screens also known as protective window screens or window safety screens, they are often used in residential or commercial environments to prevent strangers from breaking in or doors and windows from being damaged.

Security window screens are mainly made of high strength stainless steel and can withstand the damage of axes, knives, saws, scissors, wood or steel bars, etc. Window safety screens also has long service life and excellent performance of anti-corrosion and wear resistance. For residential environments without fences and walls, theft prevention of doors and windows is particularly important. Therefore, whether it is for anti-theft, preventing the intrusion of strangers, preventing the external environment and the hazards caused by severe natural weather such as storms, protective window screens are ideal choice.

In addition, metal window security screens can maintain the natural circulation of fresh air, reduce unnecessary air-conditioning operations, save energy, and be more environmentally friendly.

We can offer security mesh screen for windows in white, off-white, black, gray and many other colors according to customer requirements to meet your needs for various environments.

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