Exterior Privacy Window Screen Mesh

Privacy window screen provides excellent daytime privacy. During the day, the sunlight weakens inward visibility, making it difficult for people outside to look inward, thereby allowing more privacy in the home.

Sometimes, we will see some families with blinds closed. Closed blinds and curtains may make it cooler and protect our privacy, but they prevent us from enjoying our yard and scenery, and closed blinds will also make the house darker. But with exterior window privacy screens, you can open the blinds to enjoy the scenery.

The privacy window screen mesh can be installed not only on windows, porches, but also on balconies, terraces and other places, so that you can fully enjoy the protected outdoor life.

When you choose privacy screens, the tightness of the mesh is not the only issue you have to consider. In order to obtain the best outward visibility and reduce glare, while people on the outside cannot see the inside, please choose a dark screen. We provide a series of privacy window screens, with different materials for your choice, such as fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

exterior window privacy screens

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