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Hightop is one of the most leading fiberglass screen manufacturers and suppliers from China, we provide fibreglass window screen mesh to large and small wholesale and stores.

Fiberglass Mesh for Windows & Doors

Fiberglass mesh screen is one of the most long-lasting window and door screens. Glassfiber screens are made of glass fiber yarn, plain weaving and high temperature fixing ensures its beauty, flexibility and corrosion resistance. fiberglass screen mesh is economical and practical, so it is widely used for doors and windows in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

The mesh size of most fiberglass window screen is small enough to prevent mosquitoes, bugs, and insects from entering, but allow light wind and natural light in. The key feature of the fiberglass screen roll is that it will not aged and has more color options. In general, it is easy to install and suitable for almost all climatic conditions, so it is the most popular choice.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to install, no professional support required
  • No dents or creases
  • A variety of colors are available

fiberglass screen mesh

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